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Amanda is a photojournalist in the Boston, MA area and a graduate of the Boston University College of Communication. With a passion for photojournalism and telling the stories of others, she strives to connect with each assignment individually and find moments that speak for themselves. A people person, Amanda enjoys shared laughter and finding ways to ease a situation. A strong believer in constant learning, she finds new passion in discovery and feeds off the beauty and art of photojournalism. Born in California but spending her adolescent years growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, Amanda finds beauty where it may often be missed.

Amanda spent four months as an intern staff photographer at the Attleboro, MA based Sun Chronicle, being published every day and photographing everything from community events to breaking news. From there she spent the summer of 2013 as an intern for the Boston Herald, following a more traditional journalism path. After working with Boston Red Sox for their 2014 season as a photography intern Amanda went on to join the staff of The Eagle-Tribune where she is currently employed.